About Gawsworth

Gawsworth (2011 population 1,705) is a historic Cheshire village on the eastern edge of the Cheshire Plain. Just 5 miles from  Macclesfield, it is one of the eight ancient parishes of the Macclesfield Hundred.

It is noted that the centre of the village has shifted on at least two occasions as the village has evolved. The centre of the village was originally centred around the Old Hall and Church, and later moved to the Gawsworth Crossroads, where many of the original amenities were sited. The centre is now considered to be in  Longbutts Lane.

Gawsworth is home to three country houses, Gawsworth Old  Hall, Gawsworth New Hall and Gawsworth Old Rectory, as well as a National Trust spinney, known as ‘Maggoty Wood’.

Village Amenities

Gawsworth is home to a community shop, which was established following the closure of the privately ran shop and post office. Located on Longbutts Lane, the shop is open daily and staffed by volunteers.

Gawsworth Primary School on Longbutts Lane has just over 200 pupils, aged 4-11 in 7 classes. The school underwent a major refurbishment in 2004 which vastly updated the facilities.

Gawsworth Village Hall is owned by the Parish Council but ran by a separate committee. It was built in 1953 and consists of a large hall and a smaller committee room. The Scout Hut, next door to the Village Hall, was bought and paid for by Gawsworth Scouts.

The Harrington Arms, run by Robinsons Brewery, is the village pub. Once a farm house, and first licensed in 1710, the pub is full of character and offers a good selection of drinks and great food.

The Church of St. James is a grade I listed building dating back to 1430. Gawsworth also has a Methodist Church on Dark Lane.

Gawsworth has a fantastic park in the centre of the village, with soccer pitch, tennis courts and children’s play areas.

Photographs of Gawsworth