Councillors Wanted

GAWSWORTH Parish Council is in search of two new councillors. This vacancy will be filled by ‘co-option’ at the Parish Council meeting on January 8th.

This is an unpaid role as a community representative and a “job description” is below. To apply simply fill in the application form and return it to the Parish Clerk by December 31st.


The Role of a Councillor

a) To participate fully in the formation and scrutiny of the parish council’s policies, budgets, strategies and service delivery

b) To undertake training in the role of parish councillor

c) To promote the wellbeing of Gawsworth

d) To effectively represent the interests of Gawsworth and deal with parishioners’ enquiries, representations and complaints

e) To listen and represent the views of the community when considering council business and working with outside bodies

f) To attend monthly Parish Council meetings – preparing for the same in advance

g) To uphold the council’s Code of Conduct and observe the ‘Nolan Principles’

h) To be prepared to serve on committees/working groups focusing on certain areas of council business

i) To work to improve the quality of life for those that live, work or visit the area


How to Apply

Application for Co-Option
Qualification Criteria


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