Gawsworth Parish Council comprises 9 Councillors – there are currently two vacancies.

Each year at the Annual Council meeting, the Council elect a Chairman and Deputy Chairman. The Chairman presides over all meetings he is present at, including the Parish meeting.

Cllr Paul Woods

Chairman, Gawsworth Village

27 Benbrook Way, Gawsworth, SK11 9RT | paul.woods@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Paul was elected in March 2017 and moved to Gawsworth in 1988 with his wife Anne (a former Parish Councillor) and their two children. Paul has been involved in many village activities over the years including Scouts and more recently the village pantomime, the Christmas Festive Fun charity event, as keeper of the village PA system and in the Village Hall refurbishment group.

Paul sees improving communications between the Parish Council and villagers and supporting optimal use of community amenities including the Village Hall as high priorities. He is also enthusiastic about preserving the village character of Gawsworth and the green belt.

Paul is the Council’s representative on the Village Hall Management Committee.

Cllr Rupert Richards

Deputy Chairman, Gawsworth Village

Gawsworth Hall, Church Lane, SK11 9RN| 01260 223 456 | rupert.richards@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Rupert, elected in March 2017, has lived in Gawsworth all his life and is keen to see the parish retains a rural identity.

Rupert represents the Parish Council on the Danes Moss Liaison Group.

Cllr Peter Briercliffe

Gawsworth Village

7 Forge Close, Gawsworth, SK11 9EW | 01625 435 374 | peter.briercliffe@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Peter originates from Chester and the Wirral  where he trained and qualified as a Mechanical Engineer. Working as investigative and safety engineer in specific disciplines his work took him to London as principal engineer in these subjects and he was a member of various Governmental committees and representing the UK at CEN meetings in Brussels.

In 1984 he returned to the Northwest and settled in Gawsworth. He is a keen member of U3A as well as  Transport Preservation.


Cllr Evelyn Briggs

Gawsworth Moss

Beech Cottage, Church Lane,Gawsworth, SK11 9QY | 01625 618 530 | evelyn.briggs@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Evelyn has been a Parish Councillor since 2011. She has been active with organised village groups since arriving in the village in 2003, and took an active role in the building of the new Scout Hall. Evelyn is a Chartered Accountant and worked in a professional capacity until the desire to bring up their children shifted family priorities. She currently works for Citizens Advice as a General Adviser, specialising in Housing and Homelessness, and includes supervisory responsibilities.

Evelyn is keen to enhance community life for all residents within our Parish.

Cllr Penny Shepherd

Gawsworth Moss

159 Congleton Road, SK11 7XD| 07757 739426 | penny.shepherd@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Penny was co-opted in January 2018 following her having been part of the Neighbourhood Plan committee as a resident. Penny grew up in Gawsworth, attending Gawsworth Primary School when she recalls that there were strong links between the village and the ‘Rising Sun Estate’, the area covered by the Gawsworth Moss ward. Penny is keen to work to reestablish the strong links, especially in light of the planned development in the area.

Cllr Lesley Smetham

Gawsworth Moss

Little Trees, Gawsworth Road, Gawsworth, SK11 9RA | 01625 426 173 | lesley.smetham@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Lesley has been a Parish Councillor since 1999. David and Lesley were born and educated at grammar schools in Luton, lived in Brussels for 4 years and moved to Gawsworth from Bedfordshire 30 years ago. Lesley has a lifelong interest in local history and governance, amongst other things, and was a school governor at Gawsworth School for a number of years. Lesley  is also a Cheshire East Borough Councillor representing Gawsworth Ward which is comprised of the 8 parishes of Bosley, Eaton, Gawsworth, Henbury, L. Withington, Marton, N. Rode and Siddington.

Lesley is also on the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee and represents the Parish Council with ChALC and Cheshire Community Action.

Cllr Lisa Tyrrell

Gawsworth Village

4 Waren Drive, Gawsworth, SK11 9RF | 01625 433 421 | lisa.tyrrell@gawsworthpc.org.uk

Lisa was co-opted to the Parish Council in 2016 and has lived in Gawsworth since 2000. Lisa has two young children who both attend Gawsworth Primary School and activities at both the Scout Hut and Village Hall.

Lisa has been involved in the community for a number of years, helping with village events, including organising Easter Egg hunts!


Register of Interests

Councillors must declare certain interests in the interests of transparency. At all meetings they are given the opportunity to declare anything that might arise from the agenda. Their pecuniary interests are also published, these detail any interests in land / property within the council’s area.

Cllr Evelyn Briggs
Cllr Lesley Smetham
Cllr Lisa Tyrrell
Cllr Paul Woods
Cllr Peter Briercliffe
Cllr Rupert Richards

Councillor Attendance

Cllr Evelyn Briggs
Cllr Peter BriercliffePresentApologiesPresentPresentApologies
Cllr Paul LawtonApologiesPresentApologiesAbsentPresent-----
Cllr Rupert RichardsApologiesPresentPresentPresentApologies
Cllr Penny ShepherdPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Cllr Alison SimpsonPresentApologiesApologiesApologies-------
Cllr Lesley SmethamPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Cllr Lisa Tyrrell
Cllr Paul WoodsPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent