Dark Lane Development

The planning application for 10 new homes on Dark Lane is now live under reference 18/5544M. The application was submitted by Engine of the North (part of Cheshire East Council) and proposes 8 affordable and two market houses. It includes a pedestrian crossing on the A536 and other highways improvements such as new footpaths.
The deadline for comments is down as 12th December. Realistically, Cheshire East Council will accept comments right up until the point they prepare a decision report.
We expect the decision will be taken by the Cheshire East Council Northern Planning Committee sometime in February/March.
The Parish Council has commissioned Peter Yates (ex head of Planning at Macclesfield Borough Council) to help us prepare a response. We have asked Cheshire East to confirm the date we need to get a comment to them by and if necessary will hold an extra meeting in December to consider the application.


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