Dark Lane Development

The Parish Council met with Engine of the North (wholly owned development arm of Cheshire East Council) in December to discuss the proposed development on Dark Lane. The notes from this meeting are available below.

At the meeting it was confirmed that the proposal is for ten homes; eight affordable (bungalow, 4 x three bedroom houses, 3 x two bedroom houses) and two market (bungalow and two bedroom house). The access is proposed to be at the north-west of the site and they have offered the Methodist Church the option of their access being through this too. The houses would be sold leasehold with up to 40% reduction in value through CEC retaining an ownership percentage which would never be reduced to less than 20%.

The proposals include a footpath on Dark Lane and a puffin crossing on the A536. The Parish Council is concerned about the safety of these.

The Parish Council has a meeting with Engine of the North arranged in mid-February to get more answers.

Download the full notes of the meeting: Notes of the Meeting with EOTN December 2017


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