Dark Lane Update

The Parish Council held a second meeting with Engine of the North in mid-February.

An update on EOTN’s progress in preparing an application was given and councillors were shown site layouts and plans of the proposed new housing. Highlights of the meeting included:

  • EOTN stated that the market properties were required for the viability of the project and that any profit in the project would be used to increase the percentage reduction offered.
  • It was stated there was no alternative local authority land suitable for development and that if the project involved the purchase of third party land it would not be viable.
  • The Parish Council stated they needed to know the options for safety improvements on the A536 before it could be determined if the proposed crossing was the best fit
  • It was noted that not all 15 of the expressions of interest were eligible and that this would be firmed up when the planning permission was granted.

Prior to the meeting Engine of the North had provided the Parish Council with a detailed response to points previously raised which can be read here: EOTN Response to GPC

The notes of the latest meeting are also available: Notes of February 2018 EOTN Meeting.


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