Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Annual Parish Meeting?

The Annual Parish Meeting is a statutory meeting, which is organised by the Parish Council. The Council Chairman, if present, must preside over the meeting, but it is not a meeting of the Council. This meeting is an opportunity for the parishioners to have their say on village affairs.

Parish Council

How much does the Parish Council cost me?

The Parish Council is primarily funded by the Parish Precept. This is an amount that it demands Cheshire East Council collects as part of the Council Tax.

For 2017/18 the precept has been set at £27,000. This figure is used to calculate the amount paid by each household over the year.

Band A – £22.01
Band B – £25.67
Band C – £29.34
Band D – £33.01
Band E – £40.35
Band F – £47.68
Band G – £55.02
Band H – £66.02

How do I become a Councillor?

Full Council elections are held every four years. The next elections take place in May 2019. At these elections all seats are vacated and all nine seats are contestable.

During the period, vacancies may arise if a councillor resigns or passes away. There have been four casual vacancies raised since the 2015 elections, with two seats due to be filled by election in March 2017.

If you are interested in being a councillor keep an eye out for any vacancies which may arise. The best thing to do is to e-mail the Clerk who will be able to advise.

When does the Council meet?

The Parish Council meets on the second Tuesday every month except December; in the village hall at 7:30pm.

The  Council has a legal obligation to hold four meetings per year, one of which is the annual council meeting where the chairman is elected – this must be held in May. The Council must also organise the Annual Parish Meeting.

How do I contact the Council

The primary contact for the Parish Council is the Clerk, Adam Keppel-Garner. You contact the clerk by e-mailing clerk@gawsworthpc.org.uk, writing to 33 Manor Crescent, Knutsford, WA16 8DL or phoning 07891 983521