Finance & Policy

Parish Council Finances

The Parish Council receives the majority of its income through the precept; an annual sum of money collected with the Council Tax by Cheshire East Council. The precept, set by the Parish Council each January, for 2017/18 is £27,000  which amounts to a Band D rate of £33.01.

How the Precept is Calculated

Projected Bank Balance 31/03/201761,543(a)
2017 Reserves55,658(b)
Surplus (a-b)5,885(c)
Budget Expenditure38,302(d)
Budget Income5,417(e)
Net Budget Expenditure (d-e) 32,885(f)
Precept Required (f-c) 27,000


The Parish Council holds reserves to cover unexpected costs or to save for future projects which could not be afforded solely from the precept. We expect our reserves for 2017/18 to be £55,658.

General Reserve24,658
Planning Reserve4,000
Recreation Reserve6,000
Elections Reserve6,000
Parish Plan Reserve5,000
Village Hall Reserve10,000