January Council Update

The Parish Council is pleased to announce the co-option of Penny Shepherd to the council. Penny was co-opted to represent Gawsworth Moss, the area in which she lives. Penny grew up in Gawsworth, attended the school from when she recalls there were strong links between the village and the ‘Rising Sun Estate’. Penny is keen to re-establish these strong links especially in light of the planned development in the area.

Work on improvements to the Pleasance are continuing under Cllr Paul Wood’s watchful eye. Two new benches have been installed, one in memory of Tony Higgins who maintained the area for many years. The Maggoty Johnson sign is soon to be reinstalled in the area and councillors are looking into new fencing to match the memorial green.

The Parish Council has met with Engine of the North, the development arm of Cheshire East Council which is proposing the affordable housing on Dark Lane. It has been confirmed that it would be for ten properties eight of which would be affordable and that the scheme would include a puffin crossing on the A536 and a crossing on Dark Lane. We are hoping to meet with them again in mid-February where we expect answers to our safety concerns. It is anticipated that Cheshire East will consult with the Parish prior to submitting a planning application.

The Parish Council set its budget for the next year in January. We agreed a small increase to the precept (parish council tax) of £500 which amongst other things will provide budget for a review of the Handyman service which is due this year.

Finally, the Parish Council is planning to undertake a parish walkabout to identify maintenance issues that need tackling. If you know of some problem areas please e-mail: clerk@gawsworthpc.org.uk or speak to one of your parish councillors.


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