Gawsworth Parish Council Meetings

Gawsworth Parish Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month (except December). Meetings start at 7:30pm  and are open to the public and press. The Council sets aside  around 10 minutes at every meeting to allow the public to speak, but the public cannot speak during any other part of the meeting.

In addition to the main council meetings; there is also one committee; The Neighbourhood Plan committee meets ad hoc.

The Council holds its Annual Council meeting every May, where the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected. The Council also organises the Annual Parish Meeting which is a meeting of electors rather than the council.

Agendas for all meetings are uploaded onto the website a minimum of 3 clear days before the meeting, and are also posted on the three parish noticeboards. Once minutes have been approved by the Council they are uploaded on the website too.

Council Meetings



Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee Meetings

The Council has one advisory committees, for the Neighbourhood Plan. The next meeting date is to be confirmed.



NP Minutes April 6th 2017
NP Minutes March 2nd 2017
NP Minutes February 16 2017
NP Minutes December 15 2016
NP Minutes November 17 2016
NP Minutes October 27 2016
NP Minutes June 16 2016
NP Minutes 26th May 2016
NP Minutes 28th April 2016
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