Parish Paths

Parish Paths

Gawsworth is a particularly peaceful corned or rural Cheshire situated between Macclesfield to the north and Congleton to the south. High on the Pennine foothils, its eastern boundary lies at a height of 370 metres above sea level on Gawsworth Common. Westwards, the parish stretches across undulating hummocky country and extends into flatter, rural countryside of the Cheshire Plain.

Apart from Dane’s Moss, one of the few remaining lowland peat bogs and now a nature reserve, most of Gawsworth comprises agricultural land, predominantly grass and pasture mainly for dairy cattle along with some sheep. Gawsworth Common provides an area of rough grazing; its scenery verging on the typical moorland scenery of the higher gritstone areas between Macclesfield and Buxton.

The most extensive areas of woodland occur on the Pennine foothills, these being the least suited for cultivation and containing mixed, deciduous species. Small areas of deciduous woodland can also be found in the steep valleys created by steam erosion and there are also a number of coniferous and deciduous tree plantations.

This publication describes walks which take in something of the varied character of the Gawsworth Parish. It describes three suggested walks (7 miles, 2 miles and 8 miles) and provides a map of the whole parish, identifying all the public rights of way so you can also invent your own!

Originally released in 1996, if you haven’t yet explored the parish paths of Gawsworth you can purchase a copy using the button below. The cost is just £1.55 inclusive of postage.