Proposed EE Mast on Pennington’s Lane

EE is proposing to install a new mast on Pennington’s Lane, relocating it from the Henshaws site on Moss Lane which is due to be developed. This was discussed at the May Parish Council meeting and we have objected strongly to the proposed location and questioned the suitability of the site.

In our response to the Harlequin Group which is acting for EE we have said “it will be incredibly visually intrusive in an area which is currently not heavily urbanised (small bus shelter, quaint wooden noticeboard etc). Our residents are aghast that it is proposed to move it from one area because houses are being built to blight an existing neighbourhood.

We would like to understand in more detail what alternative sites were dismissed and why and what criteria is used to determine suitability.

We do understand the need for these masts, indeed our emerging neighbourhood plan supports them as we recognise they are vital – but they must not destroy the outlook of our neighbourhoods which this would do.

We implore you to find another site and offer our assistance in doing so. We would welcome to meet with you and discuss the dismissed sites so we can understand matters better and to meet you on site so you can see the impact it would have.”

We are hoping to be able to convene a meeting to discuss the parish’s concerns with EE and the Harlequin Group. We have also spoken with Cheshire East Council which has confirmed that EE have a statutory right (as a utilities provider) to utilise public highways for their equipment; the Parish Council had hoped that Highways could veto the installation.


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